Premier Family Mediation Service

We are Mediators

About PMFS

We are ready to help you mediate on Important Family Matters.

Are You

• Looking for a cost-effective solution to your separation/divorce/children/employment/civil matters?
• Trying to avoid the expense and stress of going to court?
• Looking to resolve conflicts without huge legal bills and increased acrimony?

About Us

No matter what your problem, the chances are that you will benefit from mediating your problems rather than spend months and possibly years in the court arena. Furthermore, there is now a requirement to attend a mediation session before issuing applications for a Financial Remedy, or applications in relation to children matters.


Premier Family Mediation Service is committed to helping separating couples work out future arrangements for children, finances and housing in a professional and sensitive environment.

We facilitate discussion to enable you reach your own decisions about what is best for you and your family in future without going to court. We will help you improve communication, resolve your conflicts and reach a workable, long-lasting solution quickly, compassionately and cost-effectively.


Our mediators come from various background law, finance and administration and are trained to guide you through the process to minimize the distress, cost and delay so often associated with separation and divorce.