Premier Family Mediation Service

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Mediation is often a better alternative than proceeding to court. We mediate for families in the UK helping them to find amicable resolution to important matters.


Our Lead Mediator

Daniel Ukiomogbe an accredited family Mediator with the law society and the Family Mediation Council. He is also an experienced family solicitor.


Daniel is passionate in assisting families that are going through separation. He uses his inter-personal skills to encourage parties to initiate discussion and reach a workable agreement that is acceptable to all involved. The needs of the children in family mediation are paramount in any agreement reached.

5-Star Service
Mediation on Financial Matters 90%
Mediation on Child Arrangement and Custody 95%
Professional Mediation


We are committed to helping separating couples work out future arrangements for children, finances and housing in a professional and sensitive environment.

Married Couples Mediation

We mediate between Married Couples on various matters including Financial Matters and Child Custody Matters. Our Service is unbiased and is advisable in matters of separation and divorce.

Extended Family Mediation

PFMS mediates on matters between your Immediate family and The Extended family. An example of this is mediating for Grandparents to have contacts with their Grandchildren.

Civil Partners Mediation

Our Mediation Service extends to Civil Partners who want an unbiased third-party to help mediate especially if you are separating.

Former Partners Mediation

We mediate for former partners who wish to consider or re-consider their arrangements for their child(ren). This often is an issue of Financial Support.

Looking for Unbiased Family Mediation?


Unbiased Family Mediation Service

Get in touch with our Vastly experienced Mediators for an unbiased service. Your family's best interests are our goals!

Clients' Feedback

I had serious doubts that things could ever be resolved between my ex and I, but PFMS really helped us come to a point of co-operation and mutual respect. If you think you may need a third-party to resolve important issues, they are definitely worth trying out. I recommend them!
R Davies
Good service. Turned out to be a no-brainer to resolve matters on the family front. Turns out both of us are better able to listen where there is a trustworthy unbiased third-party. It is better than going to court as that is expensive.
Stacey, A